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Politecnico di Milano, Dept. In.D.A.Co (Industrial Design, Arts&Communication); Provincia di Milano; Regione Lombardia; Cinisello Balsamo, Centro Documentazione Storica-Villa Ghirlanda Silva; Touring Club Italiano, Archivio storico

Landscape Survey

Landscape can be considered as the result of a multiple and historical traces that draw the existing scenary of the geographical natural and urban ground.
The photographic survey can percept, recognize and come to evidence these deep stratified and anthropological phenomenon.
The shapes, or the borders, of different scale events, can be framed in picture to select an interpretation of complexity.
The realization of archives of photography, from site location shots to final compilation of databases, can be planned and realized following institutional standards of cultural heritage or urban planning, or more free interpretation of the photographic author.
The walking exploration, or by vehicle, or videocar, or autopole elevation, or helicopter or plane wiews, allow to realize different quality of images, depending on logistic and privacy conditions.
In our digital era quite any corner of the planet seems to be explorable in details by the simple web-browsing: the challenge in so not only to reproduce, but also to portray and compose the geo-antropological space in a more vivid interest, even on these basis of these updated technologies.
GPS technologies can trace the pictures from the first shot site report, to the final files collectible with interactive cartographic maps.
The analitical description of elements, the research and interpretation of critical conditions, the prefiguration of possible direction for transforming landscape scenaries.
These different levels of observation can be activated in the photographical and video reports, as in the examples that we mention in the gallery of this website from our works; other are only referred but actually reserved in institutional archive not suitable on-line.